co:funding! Conference – Videos of panels now online

I am happy that the videos of the panels and interviews of the Co:Funding @ re:publica conference are online now. So if you missed it – like me – you can catch up now.

co-funding! documentation: videos, tweets etc.

Storytelling in the digital age – The Contest

jovoto, from August 25th to Ocotber 5th, will be one of the virtual venues of the SPARKS program. In an open competition, everyone is invited to tell a story and show how it can be told ”beyond paper”, crossing media borders, spilling over into online, visual and interactive or immersive manifestations, and back again. Read the task and sign up to participate here.

First submissions can already be seen here: Mainly by authors of our partners, the textmanufaktur. The authors have supplied short stories and are now in search of cooperation partners. We need people who want to grab one of the story sparks and transform the basic elements into a convincing cross media concept!

There’s a total of €5000 Prize Money to be won, and what’s best: winning concepts will be exhibited and presented live on the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, where the publishing world and the interested visitors will take notice.

Also, each contest participant will get free entry to Frankfurt Book Fair!

I want to spread the word for this exciting Workshop

TRANSMEDIA NEXT, September 8/9/10 in London

This training is brought to London by Lance Weiler and „seize the media“ and they are working on very interesting projects. I saw the presentations of Lance weiler at the Berlinale and was really impressed.

So I think this workshop will be state of the art, bringing together folks from brands, agencies, broadcasters, commissioners, foreign sales, consultants, along with producers, directors, writers attending.

I am also thinking about attending, because I also found the Pixel Lab very inspiring and useful.

Transmedia Next will go into detail around the development, writing, production and distribution of transmedia works. These are topics we are often asked about but rarely have a chance to respond to in detail. Transmedia Next is supported by the MEDIA program of the European Union.

Transmedia Next is a specialized training course in the emerging field of transmedia storytelling. Transmedia encompasses a range of story forms including stories with multiple strands that take place across diverse media platforms, including film, television, internet and mobile devices as well as live events and ‘real world’ game play. The distinguishing feature of transmedia is that all plot lines and media presentations are designed to flow within a single, integrated story world, often with an emphasis on audience participation.

Each strand of the story may be enjoyed individually or in combination, resulting in a more immersive experience. In this way, transmedia acts both as a creative technique for story extension and as a marketing tool to reach a broader, more diversified, audience.

Places on this training program are strictly limited so we are giving our closest contacts the chance to get in first, before we commence marketing through our promotional partners across Europe.

CLICK HERE to register for Transmedia Next or visit for more information. Our Event Producer, Linde Krutzke (, will be pleased to assist with your enquiries.


I am very happy that I will be part of the PIXEL LAB in Cardiff

and am looking forward to meeting and working with other

international Cross Media Producers.

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