Utopia in Ethiopia? – Die Faszinierende Geschichte über ein beeindruckendes Dorf

6. April 2014 22:54

Unsere Awra Amba Kampagne ist gestartet!

Auf Indiegogo kann ab sofort das Awra Amba Projekt unterstützt werden. Das Awra Amba Projekt ist die Geschichte  eines kleinen Dorfes in Äthiopien, dessen Bewohner ihre Probleme in die eigene Hand genommen haben. Seither hat sich ein in vielem vorbildhaftes Gemeinwesen entwickelt. Dieses Projekt macht Mut!

Interaktive 360°-Dokumentation zeigt ein positives Beispiel

Mit einer interaktiven 360°-Dokumentation werden das Dorf und seine Bewohner vorgestellt. Ziel der Dokumentation ist es, möglichst viele Menschen weltweit zu erreichen und ihnen das Dorf mit seinen Bewohnern und deren Ideen bekannt zu machen. Dazu sollen interaktive 360°-Panoramafotos, Videos und Hintergrundinformationen zu einem Ganzen verwoben werden.

Video zur Kampagne
Die 360°-Panoramen, die einen Einblick in die Hütten geben existieren bereits und die Videos, die uns die Bewohner des Dorfes vorstellen sind produziert. Nachdem das Projekt-Team zum Teil bereits seit mehreren Jahren viel Zeit und Herzblut investiert hat, bedarf es jetzt einer abschließenden großen Anstrengung, um die interaktive Dokumentation Realität werden zu lassen.

The Digital Now Daily

26. Januar 2013 22:09

What is Transmedia about?

30. November 2011 12:45

Last week there was the Transmedia Producer Day at HFF „Konrad Wolf“ – the film school where I studied. The morning of the conference was a bit frustrating I must say. There was Stefan Arndt from X-Filme, who only followed the invitation because „Transmedia“ and „Producer“ were his most hated words. In fact I had the impression that everybody had a different concept of Transmedia and Transmedia Producer and it was not really defined at any point. Stefan Arndt mainly talked about his work as a Manager and classical Film-Producer taking on a lot of responsibilities and financial risk. Managing the different Partners involved in the Film production and the marketing is a complicated task as well.  Sure it is or can be.

After the first break it got better:  Prof. Dr. Susanne Stürmer from UFA Film & TV Produktion came with facts and figures and showed that the media use is changing and that it is of relevance to „think transmedia“.  A pitty Stefan Arndt  wasn’t present anymore. Would have loved to hear his thoughts on that.

Kristian Costa-Zahn , Head of Creation and Interactive at UFA gave a case study on Dina Fox , an ambitious Transmedia Production, an interactive crime story by UFA Lab and Teamworks  for ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel.

Kristian was also part of the Highflyers Team, who presented the Transmedia Manifest at the Storydrive Conference during Frankfurt Book Fair.

Maybe this transmedia day at HFF Potsdam should have better been started with this manifest to bring some light on what Transmedia is or could be.

At the DOKLeipzig  Cross Media Case Studies and the Crossmedia Net Lab, there was also no clear definition of Transmedia.  Crossmedia / Transmedia / New Media it’s all kind of the same family, but I would say crossmedia is coming more from a marketing perspective: getting the message aCROSS all MEDIA, whereas Transmedia is more sophisticated in the approach of a story architecture and a story universe, where everything is linked like in a puzzle.

For the projects I am developing I am more thinking of a context-universe, which is linked and where I can approach different audiences in a different way to make them curious for what else is to discover and what is somehow relevant for their lives. Like in UTOPIA IN ETHIOPIA – The Awra Amba Experience.

As Mel Exon from BBH Labs once put it in the Pixel Lab:

Be entertaining, be useful or be ignored.

And keeping in mind these three points:

Who is my audience?
Where is my audience?
Who is paying me?
Which is a bit tricky, because audience and the one#s that hopefully pay are often not the same. and the Audience doesn’t  always pay  for content, but maybe someone is paying for the audience…? I have to find out who’s paying…Or find out who is the crowd – which links to the next topic: crowd funding. We keep you posted 😉


26. September 2011 15:28

Here’s a great article and resource on Storytelling and non-profits by JD Lasica

Corresponding to this also check out the article on Storytelling and Campiagning by Maike Gosch in the Fundraiser Magazine

I think from this you can also learn a lot for any crowd funding  campaign.

And  here are some more thoughts on crowd funding campaigns by David Fine as a guest post in the HOPE FOR FILM BLOG

David Fine on “More Thoughts On Crowdfunding Campaigns”

This past week, we’ve had a lot of input from filmmakers who have used the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform. Filmmakers have been sharing techniques and best practices on what made their campaigns a success. It’s a practice we hope will continue for all filmmakers, across all platforms, utilizing a wide range of tools. Let’s figure this out, together.

Today is no exception. Although a lot has already been said on the subject, there is still more that can be added about how to make crowdfunding really work for your film.


Make sure the trailer for your film is strong

We waited to put up our Indiegogo page until we were all really happy with the trailer. For many it was the first thing they saw of a project that they had been hearing about from us for quite some time. I think asking for small donations from friends in the same breath as showing them the first thing they’ve seen of your project will create more donations.

Don’t worry about setting your goal low

We were worried that people would see we got to our goal and stop giving. But they didn’t. It’s better for your $ and your morale to set a goal you think you can reach. That’s how we left this experience feeling anyhow.

Make your crowdfunding efforts a way to boost team morale

Keep full control of our project through crowd funding has been a blessing. But honestly, a big part of the boost that we got from IndieGoGo was morale. I had been cutting the film for 9 months and we were not yet in a festival. Having people respond so positively to our trailer, so positively in some instances that they donated money, that felt great and really re-energized me at a time when I was running out of gas.

co:funding! Conference – Videos of panels now online

9. Juni 2011 17:30

I am happy that the videos of the panels and interviews of the Co:Funding @ re:publica conference are online now. So if you missed it – like me – you can catch up now.

co-funding! documentation: videos, tweets etc.

Crowdfunding: a chance for society or the killer of cultural variety? from on Vimeo.

20 Days left to support the revolutionary village Awra Amba to build a High School

4. Mai 2011 09:26

The Village Awra Amba is an extraordinary community  and like „Utopia in Ethiopia“.
It was founded by some Ethiopians who believe in Equality of men and women and in solving socio-economic problems by helping one another. One of the founders and Head of the Community is Zumra Nuru. He had no access to education, but a vision and so he founded the village in 1940 with his idea of a better world and a rule set for a community which is different from the rest of Ethiopia. Today, almost 40 years later, the community is universally lauded as a model to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality in a country where women are generally subservient to men. Awra Amba is an extraordinary initiative within a traditional and conservative community because of its gender equality, its work ethic, its social security system and its strong belief in education.

Now the community of Awra Amba is building a Highschool and we want to support them in this ambitious project and set up a campaign on Indiegogo. There are 20 Days left to meet our goal and to give some financial support to this extraordinary village.

Become a Supporter of „UTOPIA IN ETHIOPIA“  and donate for their Highschool and we will reward you ! 🙂

My Colleague Paulina Tervo visited Awra Amba several times over the past 7 years and made a short documentary.
Currently we are developing an interactive multiplatform documentary with the village.
I’ll be happy to send you the link to the documentary THE AWRA AMBA STORY, if you share the link to our campaign with your friends ;-).

Pixel Lab and Transmedia Next

6. April 2011 00:10

If you are interested in state of the art trainings in cross media / transmedia check out Transmedia Next in London and the next Pixel Lab in Potsdam. There are still scholarships available for the Pixel Lab Friday, April 8th, 2011.
I took part in the first Pixle lab, organized by Power to the Pixel in Cardiff last summer – adn it was an experience I don’t want to miss: it was a great opportunity for talking with media experts and tuning your own cross media project, but the best was the exchange with the other cross media producers and their projects.
I am happy that Paulina pitched her project „Utopia in Ethiopia- The Awra Amba Story“ at the Pixle Lab and that we can now work together on this exciting interactive multiplatform Documentary.
So if you have a chance to take part in teh Pixel Lab or transmedia Next – just do it. There’s no need to predict the future, if you can create it – with some collaborators 😉

The Pixel Lab is an intensive week-long residential workshop open to European film and media professionals with a strong track record in their sector.

Subjects will include:

  • How to develop stories and create a story universe across multiple platforms
  • New marketing & distribution models: an exploration of a variety of new platforms, revenue models and direct-to-consumer models
  • Audience building and engagement using social media tools
  • Online tools and services
  • Legal and digital rights issues across development, production and financing
  • The new skills needed for producers and other media professionals in a multi-platform world
  • Project packaging, planning and presentation

If you want to become more competitive in the international marketplace, this is the course for you. For more information on how to apply click here .


6. Februar 2011 13:33

Es sind nur noch wenige Tage bis zur Berlinale 2011: Den Filmbegeisterten unter euch, können wir eine Veranstaltung empfehlen, die sich mit dem Thema Crowdfunding als Möglichkeit der Filmfinanzierung beschäftigt. Am 14.02. treffen sich auf dem digitalfilmcamp #5 in der HomeBase Lounge BerlinFilmemacher und Medienexperten, um über ihre Erfahrungen mit Crowdfunding zu diskutieren.

Das digitalfilmcamp #5 ist als ein offenes und interaktives Forum geplant. Eine erste Übersicht zum Thema Crowdfunding und Film Marketing geben u.a. der Medienexperte Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (FilmTiki) und Tino Kreßner(Startnext). Im Anschluss findet ein BarCamp statt, bei dem internationale Regisseure und Produzenten von ihren Crowdfunding-Erfahrungen berichten. Mit dabei sind bislang u.a.:

Wer selbst schon Erfahrung mit dem Thema Crowdfunding im Filmbereich gesammelt hat oder ein neues Filmprojekt vorstellen möchte, kann sich jetzt noch an den Veranstalter des digitalfilmcap Simon Chappuzeau wenden:

Hier noch einmal die wichtigsten Fakten im Überblick:

Uhrzeit:  9 bis 14 Uhr
Ort: HomeBase Lounge, Berlin (Nähe Potsdamer Platz)

Zum Ablauf und Inhalt des digitalfilmcamps:
Anmeldung für die Veranstaltung:

Beeile dich, bevor die Tickets ausverkauft sind! Der Unkostenbeitrag für das Forum beträgt 15€, inkl. Essen und Getränke während der Veranstaltung (Kaffee, Softdrinks, Croissants, Obst … und Torte von PATISSERIE FILM ;-)).


9. Januar 2011 13:29

Berlin, Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 we will celebrate the 1st Birthday of PATISSERIE FILM and we are happy to have the chance to celebrate this with our friends in the HomeBase Lounge, the place where the 1st Digital Film Camp took place and where the idea for PATISSERIE FILM was born. We are thrilled that we are celebratig together with our friends from the Film Salon and the whole Film Festival crowd of Berlin.
You are very welcome to join us for some Patisserie and „Pink Champagne“, talks about film and what’s next in the film industry, Ping Pong, music & dance.fro

You can register here:

FILM SALON href=“″

By the way: The HomeBase Lounge is a really nice venue and now open for your Berlinale bookings:

For getting updates about cross media, crowd funding and digital distribution, „like“ PATISSERIE FILM on facebook. href=““

And here’s a a New Year’s Present from Producer friends in Singapore we would like to pass on

Zoetrope in Miniature from Furryfish on Vimeo.